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Crafting effective communication strategies for any size business.
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who we are

Windmill Hill is a unique, full-service marketing communications firm based in St. Louis, MO.  For small and medium size businesses that do not require an in-house marketing department, we are your marketing machine.  For larger companies that sporadically need additional marketing assistance, we fill the gap by integrating design, creative content development and media management with existing programs.

We are NOT big, fancy-pants, sales-driven marketers embracing every new trend.
We ARE strategists with a creative bent. We are concept creators, technical brainiacs, designers, and wordsmiths. Our customers depend on our diverse production capabilities; we get jobs completed in nearly impossible time frames. Simply tell us your goals and we’ll help you make them happen elegantly, effectively, and within your budget.

We do our homework. We study your industry, products, message, media and competition. Windmill won’t waste your time trying to sell you on a complicated methodology to grow your business.  It’s about partnering and team work.  You have a communications goal; we beat feet to reach the goal.

We integrate web and print media in a simple, seamless format. We execute short-term assignments but we’re onboard for long-term projects as needed. We give our customers the dedicated assistance they need to grow their business without the complexity of an expensive marketing team or adverting agency.

But what do we DO, you ask?


what we do

  • Web Design
  • Web Communications
  • Consulting & PR
  • Print Design
  • Print Management
  • Multimedia
  • Email Hosting
  • Sales Support